Splish Splash of a day for all the Rover’s

The days of summer is  over, but for all the Rover’s it was a splish splash of a day on September 10th.  Clarksville Athletic Club (CAC) hosted their 4th annual “Doggie Day Splash.” Dogs of all shapes and sizes converged at our outdoor pool for much fun in the sun. All the canines sniffled and snuffled, made new friends and explored new territory. There was much excitement in the air for the pups, but their owners jumped in the pool too to take a dip with their dogs. CAC has been hosting this event for Max’s Hope Pet rescue to raise money for the No kill shelter. Members and guests got a glimpse of how the rescue helps abandoned dogs find loving homes. I ask you…who would not want to be part of this event?

There were 57 dogs that attend the event and  all of them went home with a parting gift…  a doggie bath coupon donated from Pet Food Center.  CAC held a month long silent auction of items that were donated.  Members and their pups attend the event for a minimum $5.00 donation fee. There was a collect total of $1,419.73 donated to help the rescue make a difference for our 4-legged friends. “I was humbled to see those who continue to come out for this event, and those who came out for the 1st time to make a difference.” Said Cheryl Berardo, corporate relations director. “This event made those who attended wear a smile on their face for the rest of day (and maybe the weekend), they knew they helped save animals lives that day.”  CAC was filled with the usual sounds of laughter and splashes, but on this day, the air was also punctuated by excited “throw the toy” barks, and was filled with particles of water shaken off into the air by our wet furry friends Berardo said.

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